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The Culligan Stainless Steel SeriesHot Water SoftenerSuperior Flow. Superior Savings. Superior Water for Commercial and Industrial Needs.

Culligan® Hot Water Softeners by Culligan® Stainless are designed to provide a constant source of softened hot water supply for the food & beverage, healthcare and service industries.

Restaurants, cafeterias, laundry operations, healthcare facilities and many other operations can now enjoy the benefits of Culligan® soft water. Increase overall equipment efficiency and life. Reduce the use of detergent and chemicals. Provide spot free glassware and dishes, improving customer experience. Boilers, steamers, dishwashers, sterilizers, parts washers all benefit from treated water.


System Specifications
Examples of Softener Applications
Food and Beverage Improved taste
Educational Facilities Boiler and cooling tower make-up water for scale reduction and improved energy costs
Restaurants For dishwashing, cleaning material savings, scale reduction
Car washes Quality results, detergent and water heating savings, scale reduction
Apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and hotels Quality water for laundry, dishwashers, boilers
Grocery / Retail Quality water for aesthetics and help extend equipment life
Light industry For process and make-up water, boiler and cooling system pretreatment, general housekeeping

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Culligan's Hot Water Sofeners are backed by a limited 1-year warranty against defects in material, workmanship and corrosion.


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