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Culligan BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

Compact, Effective, Efficient. The Office Hero.

A high-performance, bottleless water cooler to match work productivity.

The high-performance Culligan BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler dispenses quality water in an attractive, space-saving design that complements any office setting.

Culligan Wave Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

A high-performance, bottleless water cooler to match work productivity.

The Culligan Wave Bottle-Free® Water Cooler upholds the highest standards for water distribution. With a stunning stainless steel, Italian design and state-of-the-art technology, it delivers quality hydration on demand to the entire office.

Culligan BluSoda and Wave Box Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

The Under-Counter Water Cooler Solution That Makes Hydration Easy. 

The Culligan BluSoda and Wave Box are bottleless water cooler dispensers that deliver cold, sparkling and room-temperature water at your convenience. Staying healthy and hydrated during a long work day has never been easier. 

Culligan Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

Whether your office - break room - shop or warehouse needs one or more Bottle Free Coolers, Culligan can provide your drinking water needs.

Culligan provides these Premium Coolers at a cost effective monthly rate. 

Most of our Bottle Free Cooler series run between $26-$53** per month.

** Multiple coolers receive special pricing

Contact Jeff King

Sales Manager


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Bottle-Free Dark Blue Parentheses Purified (Reverse Osmosis) Water Coolers

Premium Series Bottle-Free Cooler

Get your business off the bottle -- 6 reasons to switch to Culligan bottle-free water coolers.


1Bottle-Free is hassle-free.

4It's better for the environment.

Never run out of water, eliminate bottle deliveries and receive on predictable invoice.
Keep plastic out of landfills, and support your company's green initiatives.

2It's more sanitary.

5You'll save money.

Our units produce water that is never exposed to contaminants in the air or touched by human hands.
Significant cost savings cmopared to your current bottled water spend plus back-office processing savings.

3No more lifting 42-lb bottles.

6Same quality as bottled water.

Prevent injuries, eliminate spillate, and get out of the bottle storage business.
80% of 5 gallon bottled water and packaged water is made by Reverse Osmosis!



Culligan Purified Premium Bottle-Free Water Cooler

  • 50 gallon/day Reverse Osmosis System
  • Triple Filters (Sediment, Carbon, Polishing)
  • Hot, Cold, Room Temperature
  • UV Light for Cold Tank Sterilization
  • BioCoem™ for Bacteria Protection
  • Internal Leak Detection Shut-Off
  • Internal Storage Reservoir


Culligan Water of Danville invites you to stop by our office and view the different models on display.


Call Jeff King,

Sales Manager, today at


about your water filtration needs.




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Culligan Commercial

"BottleLess" Purified Water Coolers for the Office (Central Kentucky Only)

Culligan of Danville offers "purified," "standalone," "BottleLess" water coolers for the office. These Bottle-Free water coolers available in Central Kentucky, utilize triple filtration of city water followed by reverse osmosis. The bottled water coolers use triple-filters to remove chlorine, particulate, organic, and taste and odor compounds. These reverse osmosis water coolers remove 95% of all minerals. Ask about the Culligan Bottle-Free® Cooler, Culligan® BluSoda™, Culligan® WAVE and Culligan® BluSoda™ & WAVE Box. These coolers can be rented for an economical monthly fee, which includes all services and filter changeouts.